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Prezentare institut 2012

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Happy New Black Water Snake Year 2013 !

Happy New Black Water Snake Year 2013 ! On February 11, 2013 Buddhists around the world celebrate New Year according to the Buddhist calendar, the year of the Black Water Snake.  Tibetan New Year, or Losar (sometimes known as Losar … citeste in continuare

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Prima Initiere Brasov

PRIMA INIŢIERE în Marea Fraternitate a Luminii Albe 23-24, Martie, 2013,  orele 10.00-18.00, Iniţierea este un ritual foarte puternic, care deschide căi pentru noi începuturi şi potenţe pentru împlinirea misiunii personale. Ritualul de iniţiere a fost transmis din timpuri ancestrale, … citeste in continuare

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Princess of Altai Mountains

Princess of Altai Mountains Mountain plateau Ukok is located in the south of the Altai Mountains at a height of about three kilometers above sea level  and has long been considered a sacred territory. The plateau borders with Russia, China, … citeste in continuare

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Activitate februarie 2013

Programul cursurilor INSTITUTUL HERMETIC pentru Februarie 2013   Denumire Curs Durata Localitate Lector Radiestezie Medicala 01 Timisoara Raul Petrisor Usui Reiki Ryoho gr.1+2 01 -03 Turnu Severin Carmen/Costin Prima initere in marea fraternitate a luminii Albe 02 -03 Timisoara Raul … citeste in continuare

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Meditating Lama Hambo Lama Itigelov

Meditating Lama  Hambo Lama Itigelov The unique story of “life after death” of this Buryat lama began in 2002, after the third exhumation Itigelov Hambo Lama’s body (1852-1927). During his last meditation Itigelov gathered his disciples and asked them to … citeste in continuare

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Trovants, the living stones

Trovants, the living stones of Romania From school I remember they were teaching us that “life is one of the forms of protein bodies’s existence  …”, but according to recent observations and discoveries, it is not quite so. Today, we … citeste in continuare

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International Board of Hermetic Trainers

International Board of Hermetic Trainers An association of professional teachers of the Western Mystery Tradition, Golden Dawn Tradition, Western Magical schools. The board provides accreditation or endorsing of qualities. All the board members are heads of schools as mentioned above. … citeste in continuare