Roxana Lupu

Born in Romania, Roxana spent her childhood in Cluj-Napoca, a city in Transylvania. From an early age Roxana knew that there is more to life than meets the eye and had premonitions of what would happen in the future, things that became true in time. As a child, one of her favorite places to go to was the Hoia/Baciu forest near Cluj, without knowing that those woods had the reputation of one of the most recognized places to register paranormal activities.

At the age of 10, Roxana left Cluj, where she lived with her grandparents, to move into her parents’ house in Galati. As a teenager, Roxana found another pleasant activity, that of astral travel. Without any teachers or books to tell her about it, she didn’t know that it was called astral travel until much later and relied on spiritual guides to tell her what to do.

In 1996, Roxana moved back to Cluj-Napoca for her college years. She studied Chemistry and Physics at the Babes-Bolyai University where she got her Bachelor’s Degree in 2000. During her time there she became a Reiki master and also attended the courses of the Romanian School of Dowsing and Inforenergetics, a mystery school with strict rules for admitting new students that had to pass a test. It was there that she started realizing her capacities and organizing her skills. She started successful treating people of their various diseases, from blood pressure to advanced cancer, cleansing their living spaces, finding the cause of their suffering and coaching them in following a spiritual life. She found immense joy in doing so. She realized that without doing light work her life would lack fulfillment.

After graduation, Roxana moved to US because she felt that she will be needed there. She now lives in New York where she founded the Path to Light Healing and Empowering Center and continues to offer her healing and counseling services to all who need them. Always considerate to the needy, Roxana donates considerate amounts to charity and tries hard to bring more light and joy into this world. She thinks life is all about having fulfillment and enjoying the power to create anything we want in life and enriches others to do the same. She teaches how to manifest our reality and cause conscious expansion for ourselves and others!

Roxana never lost her ties to her country and among other courses and seminars in US, she also followed the courses of The Hermetic Institute where she was called to become a Guide.

Initiated into the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light as a Teacher and a Guide Member in the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light, Roxana puts herself in the service of humanity offering DNA Activations, DNA readings, Adept initiations, Starseed healings, 16 petaled Lotus Healing, crystal programing, cord cutting, chackra balancing, sacred space creation, aura cleansings, and other healing and empowering services.

Roxana can be contacted by calling +1 917 495 4543 or by email

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