Overcoming Spiritual Pride
2012 marked a year of transition, a year of the highest vibration of Love and Light, a year of vibration waves that set Purification, when Veil of illusion started to uncover  the beliefs of  uncontrolled mind-ego.

A lot of people are increasingly asking what is spiritual pride? What are its symptoms? And how can you transform it into light, to reach a new level of freedom and development?

That wave of high vibrations of Freedom, which began in late December flip in humans residual effects of the uncontrolled ego, affecting the deepest layers of fears, illusions, prejudices, and so on. Ego feels out of control because it simply can not control the high frequency vibrations of Atonement.

Since 2012 we are facing our last illusion of duality – spiritual pride. This is the last test of t Light, the last locked door opening before you acquire the status of enlightenment.

What is Enlightenment? How do you know that person has become enlightened? If you happen to be the one  enlightened, you will not have these clarifying questions and doubts about it. It’s just there.

Enlightenment is the  state of Eternal Joy, Love and Eternal Peace. You can feel the beginning of the Enlightenment by the presence of a constant joy, Memories of Thyself, Return to Thyself, return home.

Ego is not able to tell Enlightenment in other people  due to “mirror” effect: all the “others” only “represent” the problem of the human ego, because ego sees in others only itself.

It is soul not mind that can feel the enlightenment in others by feeling of  purity, warmth, high energy in others. Next to an enlightened person you can feel a sense of ease, simplicity, spiritual connection. An enlightened person is a magnet attracting those who seek, which he or she calls friends, not students, talking/treating them as his or her equals.

While uncontrolled ego forcibly imposes its beliefs, it “teaches” about how it is supposed to be, and how “it should be.” Enlightenment is Love.

The origins of spiritual pride

Everything illusory has its “beginning and end.” If test is not passed, then the quality of the lesson becomes cyclical, repeating itself over and over again in person’s life scenario. Wherever he goes, there is no hiding, no turning away – Cycle resumes again: with other people, in other circumstances, but with same purpose – to purify low vibration of uncontrolled ego.
One of the main signs of spiritual pride is CULT: religion, lifestyle, person, group of people, books, spiritual currents, spiritual groups and so on. Anything that sets you apart from other people.

As spiritual pride is the quality of the ego, we can track other characteristics of this illusion:

1. The desire of leadership, championship, rivalry, feeling of envy

2. Lack of gratitude to those who helped you in hard period of life

3. Theorizing your worldview. Lack of practice which says that you have your ego out of control.

4. Lack of Responsibility. Responsibility means all your words must be lived by you in literal sense. Live by what you preach!

5. The desire to resist, to defend your point of view. The mind is constantly assessing the level of “right-wrong”, reflecting in all its personal preferences and beliefs

6. Failure to adopt a new point of view. Fear of Change, fear of dying of the old and the birth of the new, fear of unknown and uncertainty.

7. Intolerance of opinions of others. Condemnation of other points of view, methods, lifestyles and world views of others.

8. Focusing on the amount, not the quality. Spiritual greed for information.

9. Elitism: The information given to the elect ones, not for everyone. The emergence of new terms, complication of simple and affordable, the desire to make a spectacular impression, all are low vibration of uncontrolled ego manifestation.

10. Focusing not on service to others, but on the fact that your efforts must be paid.

11. Giving out of state of lack and not out of state of abundance. Sometimes a person preaches others about how to make money, but himself is not finding his material foundation under his feet. Or he/she engages in charity, and due to his/her own laziness or lack of faith is not trying to live in prosperity. It is a spiritual hypocrisy, one of the manifestations of spiritual pride.

12. Feeling himself/herself a teacher, knowledgeable about people. The desire to forcibly impose your beliefs on others. Free Will is the main law of the Soul, for Freedom and Love do not exist separately from one another. The man who lives by the soul  is free and provides the freedom of others. Imposing forcibly your views is a sign of fanaticism, obsession.

13. Feeling that the knowledge is sufficient. In this case, you may want to expand the knowledge and distribute it without learning new. There are religious and ideological currents that have a narrow specialization.

14. Emotional reaction to what actually represents your examination. Anger, resentment, irritation, etc., arising from pressing on your buttons is catalyzing the beginning of your lesson. Those who possess spiritual pride, try to avoid taking a lesson, not to work on themselves for themselves.

15. Emotional and mental co-dependence in terms of “usefulness”. For a person whose consciousness has spiritual pride, a feeling of self-love is alien. That is why recognition from others and a sense of being needed is vitally important for him.

16. The feeling of own entitlement, own exclusivity. Everyone is unique. When a person claims that he is unusual, and all the rest are normal and boring. Sometimes a person says about his special alien/race origin or that his family root is ancient and mystical.

17. Spiritual “fatigue.” Person thinks that he has known and seen enough. There is nothing more that surprises and inspires him. This blocks a flow of creativity, mental and heart energy.

Spiritual pride separates people. It divides them into “friends and foes” to “wise and ignorant.” Remember, we have told you, “There will be neither the first nor the last”? There simply won’t be because all this is the illusions of  ego. The division into “first and last” is the path of the mind. People obsessed with spiritual pride are prone to detail, analysis, comparison, evaluation, a “hook” to various words, rituals, traditions etc. They think and think rather than just feel their soul.

Division to first ones and last ones is trend of “old” energies. In the Age of the New Energies a person can clear up in a few seconds in a state of conscious disclosure of heart and soul! No rites, no word, no rituals or meditation – but understanding and love – are the keys to change and move.
If your mindfulness is always open for new, high vibration, you may not even realize that you easily passed the test of spiritual pride! You may not notice that you passes the lessons of the past with “excellent” mark! And there are such people, a lot of them! These people are feeling with their heart and their soul, not just thinking in their mind.

There are people without prejudices about “right and wrong”, the “unnecessary and harmful”, “the wise and the ignorant.” They are those who Jesus called poor in spirit! “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3). What did He mean? Simply this: We must be humble in our spirits. If you put the word “humble” in place of the word “poor,” you will understand what He meant.

These people do not argue, but they are happy with new knowledge and capabilities. They are constantly cultivating. They are responsible for their own lives, rather than blaming it on others. These people are doing every moment the New Reality of Love! And they are always open to associations for co-creation, without conditions and regulations, free and easy! They are easy to communicate with and open to change Transition. This gentle “first” will “inherit” five-dimensional world! That’s what we’re talking about for so long! But the secret of all is that they do not feel this “superiority”, they feel equality, because remember: “there will be neither the first nor the last.” It is by the way of their life they help others to start contemplating. They do not preach their beliefs but by their creativity and purpose present the world the fruits of their Being, specifically tangible!
If you find in yourself these symptoms (according to law of mirror: if you notice something in others then it is you!), know that you have just done the first and a very important step towards the release of this “last” illusion of the spiritual man.

4 Steps to freedom from illusion:

To accept. This means to face the truth and realize that you have something to work with. Honesty and Courage are transforming the quality of man of the New Era.
Observe. It means to see the “pattern”, “algorithm” action of the ego-mind, because it is always predictable and cyclical.
Realize. It means to see essence of the lessons from the Higher Wisdom, the possibility of further development.
Transform. This means finding the key to liberation – higher vibration qualities of the Soul.

Now let us see how you can transform your spiritual pride.

Soul Qualities

Unity. This acceptance of all points of view from the perspective of the mosaic “of whole picture.”
Peace. It is complete control over emotions, Mindfulness of ego-mind.
Joy. It is gratitude and praise  to Universe for Everything!
Love. it is feeling of just being.
Creation. It is the ability to harness your energies for work of  your Soul and improvement for  benefit of entire Planet, Humanity, universe.
Freedom. It is being  permanently “open” before the next expansion of consciousness, the adoption of new vibration.
Wisdom. It is understanding of the laws of synchronicity and finding sense in everything. It is  understanding of the law of mirror that reflects us all ! That is why an enlightened person is always at peace, love and joy and nothing can overshadow this condition. After all, the world itself is in constant  reflection of  joy, love and peace!

Thus,  spiritual pride is  illusion of ego-mind, it distracts a person from fulfilling his  purpose and on the soul development  raising awareness of vibrations and expansion.

All transforming love is always available! So be free because we are one ! And lead us all to Love!

Family of Light. Michael.


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