In many ancient civilizations family is very important because it is from family you can get support in any situation. Someone may say humans have immortal souls and our parents are just people who gave us our physical body. Our children are souls who come into our families but they have their own lives. It is all true but yet if a person has broken relationship with his parents and ancestors, he then might not have a harmonious family, or a successful career, or good health.

Our lives are determined by subconscious programs that we acquire from our childhood. Child’s character and his relationship to the world are  formed in the first 2-3 years. In this world energy determines almost everything, even the trees and rocks fall under male or female energy. And people as well are results of yin and yang interaction, combination of masculine and feminine energies. It is important that this combination is harmonious.




If a woman does not respect her husband and thinks often “he ruined my life”, takes upon herself masculine duties, focuses on her career, she starts to be imbalanced first on the level of mind and later on the level of physical body. If a man becomes feminine, if he wants someone else to take care of him and does not want to take responsibility for his woman and children, he closes down his masculine self.

To understand how things are working on energy level for you or your loved ones is very simple: take a look at how your personal life develops; look at whether a man cares about his children and wife? See whether a woman seeks to express and realize herself as a wife in her family? Or is she only interested in her career and money? If you notice that often you feel sick, then probably it is not without problems with your parents.

Our mother to us is personification of the divine feminine and our father is personification of divine masculine. The left side of the body is associated with feminine energy, the right side with masculine energy. In East many doctors while diagnosing pay special attention to which side of the body hurts in order to determine the cause of disease. Remember how men and women were treated in your family? Are there any problems in your family that are repeated from generation to generation? If it is so, then it is important to break this cycle in order to live harmoniously and happily.

How do I fix it?

Forgive your parents

Our past can both take away energy from us or it can give us strength and energy. If you feel hurt by someone, upset on someone or feel guilt that you offended someone, it is likely that you can have some problems in the present. People who symbolize for us our past are our parents. If you are upset for some reason on your parents and can not forgive them, then you are closing down energy support and support of the universe. It may also affect your children.
For example, if in your bloodline from generation to generation there were repeated insults to males, the flow of masculine energy stops and, as a consequence, the access in some areas in your life is blocked, i.e women can not arrange their personal life, or there are diseases mainly located on the right side of the body.

For example, one woman seemed to be astrologically and karmically  ok. But at the same time her personal life did not go well, all men that she was dating with were leaving her one after the other. It turned out that when she was 13 years old, her father wanted to leave family. Later on, her parents fixed their marriage and she forgot about it. But subconciously she carried this offense throughout her life without realizing.

If a woman has unresolved problems in the relationship with her father, it might be hard to build her own harmonious family. If a man has aggression towards his father, it is hardly possible to have a very successful career. In addition, there may be problems with government authorities, which are also associated with masculine energy.

The first thing to do is to go back in your past and remember all hurtful moments that were caused by your family elders. Maybe you would remember your grandpa  that you thought would leave you a lot of money to inherit, but he did not. Or another picture from the past: you are a little girl who did not see her father all day long and you missed him. And when he finally comes back home he meets you by yelling “Leave me alone”

Imagine whatever scene you remember quietly, vividly but not emotionally. Mentally “walk” through your body, notice where you feel some tension. Say to yourself: yes, I do have such father or such mother, I can not change it. If in present your parents are not acting the way you want, avoid condemning them for it.

If your Mom does not want to spend time with her grandchildren it’s her choice, but you make your own choice also to live without resentment and condemnation.

Respect your parents

Buddha said even if we are to serve our own parents all our life, we still won’t have enough time to pay our duty to them. If you think that your parents live wrong, remember that they gave you your life. We are given parents that we are worthy of, the ones that we earned and those that are best suited for resolving our karmic debts. In our modern society respect for parents has been annihilated for many years. It is believed that in order to live and earn well you can forget about your parents. But this is disrespect towards your ancestors. Many of us may think that our parents are too conservative and do not take new knowledge yet why in many religions there is saying “Honor thy father and mother” Honor them with no conditions.

Serve your tribe

If you want to have children that would care about you when you are old, be yourself such a child. Serve your loved ones with joy, make them happy. Someone might say: “I need to take care of my mother, I will buy her a new car, she wanted it for a long time.” Very good, but it’s not  just about financial support. Much more important is the feeling that you put behind this.

It is better to hug your mom and tell her kind words than buying her a new car. The main thing is to learn how to live here and now. The first thing you can do to serve your loved ones is to work on your own spiritual growth. Second thing is to help your family become closer to unconditional love. If they have bad habits (i.e, dependence on alcohol or tobacco), try to convince them of benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but do it gently, without aggression or pushing. The main thing required from us in our relationship with our parents is unconditional love. Express your respect to them, treat their shortcomings with humor and jokes, be diplomatic.

If you can not be there, love your parents at distance

If in your parents house there are constant fights and conflicts, do not go deeply into these problems, otherwise you take that negative energy towards you.

Bring treats to your parents, invite them to take a walk in nature, but try to be less in their house, do not bring your children there. Is your mom always dirty? Make order in her house or hire a cleaning lady for her. The main thing here is start taking your parents for what they really are. It is important not to cut strings from your parents at your heart level. Time and space are restrictions that exist only in our minds. There is a subtle connection, which is much more important. It does not matter if a person is alive or dead. You can communicate with the dead …

Ask blessings from your parents

You probably also may notice: sometimes you can see a lovely couple, people who really love each other. But if one of the parents is against their marriage and does not bless it, the future for such a couple is very problematic. Try to get as many blessings from your mother and father. You can even ask your parents to say out loud: “I bless you both, be happy.”

Try to win favor and respect from your husband’s parents

Husband’s mother for a woman becomes a second mother karmically, it is necessary to accept and understand her. If in your relationship with your mother-in-law there is some tension then you need to change something inside you, especially if it happens that you live with her in the same house. It is important that your family has harmonious energy, because it affects your children health and the whole family, success in your endeavors. If the harmony between wife and mother-in-law can not be achieved, husband has to find independent housing for his family. After all, he took responsibility for his wife.

What to do if the mother of your husband refuses to be in contact? Try getting rid of resentment and judgement. Do not blame her, say to yourself, “My mother in law does not like me, so maybe I do something that leads to this situation.” Learn how to earn love and respect. If you want your mother-in-law to bless you, give her gifts, offer your help. Ask what you can do for her, for her son. When a person is offering service to you, then naturally there is a desire to bless him. The main thing here is to maintain harmony within yourself. If we are in harmony, we can always negotiate with people. You tried, but it did not work? OK, fine but do not blame your mother-in-law and do not get offended by it. You’ve done everything you could. Maybe it will turn out ok later.

Ways to get rid of resentment

To bow

Put a picture of your parents in front of you and bow until you almost touch the floor. Think about your parents as representatives of the divine. Do this several times each day. when we bow when we drop the head below the heart, thus leaving pride and resentment. If you bow sincerely, from your heart without expecting anything in return, wonderful things can happen. Suddenly, your mom may call and say, “I am sorry, when you were a child I was not fair to you.” No matter how far away you are from parents, at the energy level they will feel.

A letter to your Mom

Often we do not remember our pain, especially if it was in early childhood. But in our subconscious mind our aggression towards parents remains. When we write with our left hand, our subconscious mind is activated, by turning on the right brain hemisphere. Write on a piece of paper: “Dear Mom (write her name), I’m sorry for everything. Dear Mom, I forgive you for everything. You can also add: “I thank you for everything.” If you do this regularly for two months, your subconscious resentment and aggression will go away.
Get rid of feeling of guilt

Whatever your parents are, you were not born accidentally in this family. We all make mistakes, but if guilt toward parents accompany you for many years, you need to mentally return to the past. Whatever your parents karma was, it should be accepted. Only then you can improve your own karma.

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