Deep Powerful Repentance Ancestral Prayer

Father Sky listen to me hear me well. I pray to you for me and my ancestral tree , my bloodline. Bless my closest relatives, my children, grandchildren and all future generations to be happy and healthy and so that they know the power of their family root.
I turn to you, Father Sky, for I know the ancestral tree is strong when it has strong roots seven generations back in the family.
My great-great-great-grandparents listen to me hear me well. I pray for you and ask forgiveness from you. Please forgive me, my dearest I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, I know little about you, about my ancestral tree, that I do not keep the true traditions of our tribe and thank you that you were at the foundation of our family tree. I repent sincerely, please forgive me. I also repent on behalf of all those who live next to me, my relatives.

Dream land
I know this is a huge responsibility, but I take it on myself. I pray for all my lineage. I do not fear this responsibility, because I know that I can help my relatives my friends.
My dear great-great-great-grandparents, I feel you heard my prayer now and came to my help. You are here, you enjoy my repentance, you are happy about the revival of our family tree. I am sorry that I did not know much about you, there were probably among you priests or great generals, poets, scientists or monks who brought a lot of grace on earth and have strengthened our nation.
Thank you, and forgive me for not living, thinking, acting according to divine will and that I forget sometimes to love, to pray in our busy lives, get offended, smile too little, do not always do as my heart tells me.
Please forgive me and my ancestors for our imperfection. It is possible that among them there were people who committed many sins, suicide killers, maybe there is someone who cursed our family. Perhaps there were those who were destroying shrines, repressing people.

Father Sky I pray for them, for each of them … Forgive them their mistakes, forgive their ignorance, resentment and fights, anger, pride please forgive them.
I do not hate them and do not judge them as evil and forgive sincerely, from the depths of my soul.
Thank you my great-great-greatparents because it is a blessing that you lived and I live because you lived once. I bow down to you. You were learning your karmic lessons. Thank you, please forgive them Father Sky!

I feel like the roots of my family tree are getting cleaned. I feel like life energy fills its trunk. It is the power of my family tree. Thank you Father Sky, thank you!

And now, I want to remember my grandparents, to pray for them and ask forgivness, it does not matter if they are still alive or departed this world. Please forgive them Father Sky!

I ask your forgiveness for all bad actions on my part towards you, for not understanding you, offending you, and that I rarely remember you. Please forgive me! I know that deep down in your heart you loved me as I did you.

And I forgive you, my dears, for all hurtful words, accusations, for unjust punishment of me as a child, your cold eye. I know that you sometimes come to me in my dreams, but I do not always remember these dreams and I do not remember what you’re asking me.
Please forgive them Father Sky for all the mistakes that they made.
I am grateful to you, my dear grandparents, as I have something to remember. There were a lot good things: thanks for telling fairy tale, for love, for care, for smiles, for lessons. Thank you and I bow to you.
Please forgive Father Sky!
And now, I pray for the people who game me birth, my parents, my Mom and Dad.
I clearly see your faces before me and I ask your forgiveness for everything that I am guilty of before you, for my ugly actions, words, for disobedience, for your sleepless nights, for my rare phone calls to you for, for everything.
Please forgive me!
I know that your hearts are listening to my prayer, feel it, hear it and rejoice in my prayers.
And I forgive you, my dear parents for your imperfections, for your mistakes. I can not change you, I accept you the way that you are. I forgive you your weaknesses, that you did not understand me and were trying to impose your will
on me and that you did not see me as a person with his own needs and wants.
I forgive every unpleasant moments from my past, let go all wounds caused by you. I forgive you.

Thank you for all the bright days that you gave me, for happy hours spent together, for the lessons that I remember all my life, for your tears of joy.

I thank you for your love and I want my love to help you, even if you are in the other world.
Please forgive them Father Sky!

Now it is time to pray for our spouses. Father SKy, I pray for them and ask for their forgiveness.
I apologize to you, my dear (husband/wife) for all the unpleasant situations in our lives, for misunderstanding, fights, irritation, icy attitude, insults, blame, anger. Please forgive my inability to forgive, to change my habits, my character, for the desire to take more than to give. Please forgive me!

Now I feel and understand the deep meaning of why we met. I forgive you for everything bad, for all the things that happened between us.
You were given to me karmically, thanks to you my soul has passed these lessons, I became stronger, wiser, I learned to feel, to love and understand people. I forgive you. I let go all my resentment and anger. I thank you for all the happy moments of our life together, for love, for all the good that was. You have been a teacher for me and I was for you.
I pray for my life partner. May he/she succeed in this life. Please forgive him/her!
I pray for my children and grandchildren.
Forgive me, Father Sky, for causing them emotional wounds, for unjust punishment. My dear children, you came into my life with a karmic purpose, thanks to you I discovered the joy of parenthood. Forgive me, my little dears for paying little attention to you, doing other things when you needed my advice, my smile, understanding, empathy when you needed heartfelt empathy and warmth and not my preaching.

I forgive you for your anger, harsh words, for your resentment, complaints, jealousy, for that you do not always hear and understand me. I forgive you for your willingness to take more than to give, for your occasional calls. I forgive you for everything and I love you the way you are and let my love help you in life.

I thank you that I have you in my life, for your first words that you pronounced as baby: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa. For sunshine in your eyes, for smile, for the joy of communion and unity, for support in difficult times, for lessons you taught me. I thank you that you came into my family and that you are continuation of it. I love you and bless you. Father Sky, forgive them!

Father Sky listen to me hear me well, I pray for my whole ancestral family tree seven generations back, for my children, grandchildren and future generations. Please forgive them, protect and watch over them!

I also apologize to all people who I met in my life: friends, acquaintances, distant relatives, teachers, neighbors, random people, colleagues, business partners, doctors etc. Please forgive me for any intentional or unintentional harm I caused!

Thank you for showing up in my life. You have helped me to become kinder, from you I learned to cope with difficulties, emotions, troubles. I thank you for lessons of life you taught me. Father Sky, forgive these people and me too!

Thank you, Father Sky, for your mercy and forgiveness, for your help and your love. I feel my ancestral tree now, I see it blossoming and fruit-bearing, solid and strong, I feel the power of it, its core strength!

I thank you for your wisdom, love and light, grace and beauty, for true creativity, thank you bringing me closer to you, for harmony and happiness I have now in my heart and my soul!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help myself, my ancestors, my children, my grandchildren, my country, our planet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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