Bordul Internationa Hermetic

What is the International Board of Hermetic Trainers

  1. An association of professional teachers of the Western Mystery Tradition, Golden Dawn Tradition, Western Magical schools.
  2. The board provides accreditation or endorsing of qualities.
  3. All the board members are heads of schools as mentioned above.
  4. All the board members are Lineage-holders of the ancient initiation traditions.
  5. We as board members are Guardians and Keepers of the knowledge and of the application of the Hermetic Keys.
  6. We are actively involved in applied Hermetics to make it accessible for modern practitioners.
  7. All the members of the board have made this teaching to their lives’ mission.
  8. The name of the Board is: International Board of Professional Hermetic Trainers
  9. The Logo of the Board is

Mission statement

  1. To help human beings to know themselves by means of techniques that belong to the Hermetic Legacy.
  2. To help professionals to realize their Magnum Opus.
  3. We teach by offering techniques that initiate personal growth.
  4. We teach students how to fulfill their lives’ mission.
  5. Our aim is to develop students into bridge builders between the needs of the human dignity and modern society.

Our goals are:

  1. To be a board of Third Degree Lineage holders of the Hermetic Tradition that are professional heads of schools to work as an intervision team.
  2. To guard the quality of the Hermetic Initiation Lineage.
  3. To share ideas, exchange knowledge and increase the quality of the teachings.
  4.  To be professional as teachers, in the presentation of the training, in management of complex internal and external situations.
  5. To become a brand of quality as a beacon of a living spiritual tradition in the world.
  6. To constantly work towards making the public understand the weight of the ancient tradition and their birthright of having access to a Gnostic spirituality.
  7. To develop and (re)discover the ancient Western magical and shamanistic traditions, and to adapt them for modern use.

How to achieve these goals:

  1. To become a brand well know around the world as highly trained leaders that can offer specialized training in the Hermetic Tradition. The logo will appear on the websites of board members, with the link to other members of the board.
  2. The Board endorses and exchanges only highest qualities of teaching, offered in Hermetic Tradition.
  3. To solve students issues and exchange information about student quality, competence and skills.
  4. In case of a transfer of a student between schools, there has to be a written referral with an indication of the extend of knowledge and training, and personal qualities and skills.
  5. Generally the board members would not pouch students from another schools, however it is recognized that some students would be better off in another school. In that case a board member could contact another board member and act according to the rules of transfer between schools.
  6. Providing support, and help for board members, whose schools are under an ethical attacks.
  7. To create a platform and a meeting place for professional teachers (Third Degree Initiates) who have been orphanaged by their mother organizations.
  8. We will support and finally Charter all the board members, to grow or develop schools in the Hermetic Tradition.
  9. To create a space of sharing and brainstorming, understanding, and support for the leaders of esoteric organizations, bodies or institutions that are working with Hermetic teachings.
  10. Implementing high level training programs for educating future 1, 2, 3 steps initiates and in this way developing a quality certification.
  11. We endorse the use of magic for development.
  12. Create publicity as a board for the Third Degree Initiates (shared projects like books, articles, conference etc)
  13. Reactivate Hermetic teachings from ancestral sources and offering them to the students and in this way translating archaic techniques into modern applications.
  14. Promotion of an alternative western spirituality.
  15. Becoming a well-known established tradition.
  16. Creating an environment where dedicated and well trained magicians can grow into professional certified teachers.
  17. We should concentrate on the practice and applied theory.
  18. We collaborate with the academic world.
  19. Developing high level materials for promotion of the Hermetic tradition.
  20.  Development of an outer court training that prepares potential students for the inner orders of the schools.
  21. Applying practical Hermetics in companies in order to implement spiritual values into the business world.
  22. Educating society about the western Hermetic teachings.
  23. Creating a platform to brainstorm and test new esoteric concepts.

Who can be part of the board?

  1. Third Degree Initiates of the Hermetic schools who lead an organization on a
    professional basis. They have to be reconfirmed in the position every 4 years.
  2. It is a team of high initiates, not of institutions, based on a common profession.
  3. The Third Degree Initiates that are accepted must meet the criteria of selection imposed by the board.
  4. The financial part must be ‘conform the market’ – a normal price for individuals and within the range of normal workshop prices for comparable trainings.

The board members must agree to the following:

  1. To recognize that each member is an important expression of the tradition.
  2. To collectively support and communicate with each other.
  3. To recognize the organization, beliefs and teachings of each board member, never seeking to undermine them.
  4. The board must agree on rules concerning the professional intimacy-distance balance that teachers have towards their students.
  5. The financial part must remain serving the organization and the teacher: but not become a primary target in itself.
  6. In case of a public upheaval, the board internally decides on the right course of actions.
  7. To identify themselves as members of the Board.
  8. The board cannot and should not be allowed to interfere in internal problems and politics of any organization member.
  9. Each connected school is independent. There is no question of the board being a ruling body.
  10. The role of the Board is to assist schools to develop.

Criteria of verification and selection of candidates

  1. Candidates are invited when the board members agree on the qualifications of a candidate, and when there are no unsolved issues with board members.
  2. Third Degree Initiates who are in the process of building a professional school can express their interest of becoming a member in the process of developing their school.
  3. The candidate initiate has to have (or is developing) a professional and systematic teaching program that has a foundation in Hermetics.
  4. The background of all candidates must to be the Hermetic Kabala.
  5. The candidate board member must not be involved in any active way in attacking, denigrating, slander … of any other organizations, bodies, institutions, religious, ethical etc  movements.
  6. The main focus of a candidate must be the training and promotion of the Hermetic Tradition.
  7. The candidate uses a traditional hermetic initiation system.
  8. The candidate practices and teaches magic for development.
  9. In case a member of the board sues or publicly attacks another member, he or she is automatically expelled from the board. Members agree on solving problems in silence eventually with mediation.

Why professional?

  1. To increase the number of qualified trainers in the Hermetic tradition.
  2. Offer a high quality spiritual training.
  3. Increasing the quality of applied traditional techniques and methods.

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